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CP-140 is a transparent liquid. Designed along with new phosphating process.

Does not contain nitrite and dichromate and other hazardous substances, thus helps not to pollute the environment.

Working solution stabile, adaptability, no sediment, easy to operate.

No need to surface, does not need an accelerator for adjustment so has ease of management and control.

Phosphatizing film thickness: 0.2 ~ 2.0 µm. Phosphatizing film beautiful fine light grey, blue, purple, or Rainbow colors, and has the good compatibility with most types of spray coating. Provides paint film gloss with excellent adhesion properties. Is impact resistance as the bending deformation capacity of the traditional phosphate film coating.

Can be used in low temperature range, or at room temperature, thus provides energy conservation.


Widely used in automobiles, home appliances, light industries such as pre-treatment coating can also be used in the production process of cleaning the work piece between the anti-rust treatment.


Recommended process: No rust pieces or pre-processing of anti-rust coating:

⑴ degreasing → washing → phosphate → washing → drying → Final water removable check.

⑵ degreasing → washing → phosphate → air-dried

⑶ degreasing phosphate → washing →Final water removable check → drying

Rusted pieces for pre-treatment or anti-rust coating process

⑴ Phosphoric Acid degreasing → washing → phosphate → (washing) → dry

⑵ mixed acid degreasing Anti rust → rinsing → rinsing → phosphate → (washing) → dry

⑶ degreasing → washing → rinsing → Anti-rust → rinsing → phosphate → (washing) → dry

Working solution parameters:

processing temperature: 10 ~ 55 ℃; Total acidity: 9 ~ 11 points;

Approach: spraying, dipping; processing time: 2 ~ 15min;

Usage continued:

The phosphating solution stock diluted with water 20 to 30 times, mixing evenly, PH value of 2.7 ~ 3.5; to clean the work piece immersion in phosphating solution. The higher the temperature the degree film faster response time shorter. As time prolonged, film thickness increased, the color of films on thin film interference effects resulting changes;

When using timed temperature control and by controlling the processing time, the color and thickness and be controlled; After phosphating process, may, natural air-dry without washing, or dry with heat after final wash.

Trough solution adjustment: With the use and consumption of the solution, keep PH value of more than 3.5, simply add the stock solution to restored to normal, and continue to use. Add 3kg each about 1-point increase in total acid.

Engineers Recommendation.

Try to use the equipment that removes residue, or salvage the sediment on a regular basis.

Spraying slag should be removed from processing equipment, regular check the nozzle to prevent clogging.


The product should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated coffers, away from heat. Keep out of extreme weather conditions, it is recommended storage temperature of 5 ~ 35 ℃.

Avoid mixing with alkalis and the strong oxidants.

Under normal storage conditions, product shelf-life period of 2 years.

Size: 30kg:

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