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Talent Biological Engineering Co., Ltd is a renowned joint venture in the Surface Technological Engineering industry in China. Based in Tianjin Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone since 1993, Talent covers an area of 450O0 square meter. Providing a variety of products including metalworking fluids, industrial cleaning agents,treatment agents for metal surfaces, anti-rust materials, heat treatment mediums, lubricants for industrial equipment, equipment maintenance products, water treatment agentsand cleaning engineering, Talent's has an annual capacity of 10O,OOO tons.
Talent was certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001. in 2005, Talent has obtained the AS9100B aviation management certificate and one years later, Talent was certified by(BVQi). In 2009, Talent was rewarded for High-tech enterprise and Tianjin famous brand" continuously.

With approximately 50 direct branch ffces spread across China to provide marketing and technical services, Talent is perfectly equipped to service our customers needs.Oversea market begins to take shape.

Talent focuses on innovating, bringing in new technology and committing to developing new product and updating current product. Talent not only has advanced management,perfect researching equipment, but also has a high-quality researching group. The key competitive strength of Talent consists of a strong research & development capability,priority of innovation, people-oriented corporate culture and perfect after- sales service supporting system. The innovation of one-to-one technical service provides for eachcustomer "tailor" custom-made production.

Talent headquarter is based in Tianjin high-tech equipment manufacturing industrial zone, we are in leading position around the country. Looking to future, we would like toservice more and more global customers. Talent commits to provide best support and create sustainable development for partners.