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Product Characteristics

◇EC-00 is a transparent liquid.

◇Good at dissolving, degreasing and cleaning.

◇Evaporates completely after cleaning without leaving traces

◇No corrosion to the equipment.

◇No combustion, suitable for all kinds of occasion.

Scope of Application

◇Electrical equipment: high and low voltage supply equipment, distribution and control equipment, motors, generators, electromagnetic valves, electric welding machines, electric tools

◇Mechanical equipment: hydraulic cylinders, filters, gear boxes, degreasing of bearing and other parts of hydraulic press, chains and precision processing degreasing cleaning.

Method of Use

◇Use a 0.4~0.6Mpa special spray gun for air compression and drying, remove dust, iron and other debris, then spray inhalation for liquid spray washing, use this apparatus for spraying dirt (for serious dirt spray, pause, the spray again), after the washing spray- allow the oil on the equipment to fully dissolve, after washing and then spray (do not spray liquid in the air)

◇For small electrical equipment and machinery parts an you should directly immerse an auxiliary cleaning brush in the liquid for over 4 minutes before removing and, if necessary, coat the wash oil with lubricating oil

◇Method of use: Use a handheld aerosol can, place can 15~20cm from the area that requires cleaning, press the valve for spray cleaning. For stubborn dirt, allow the spray to soak for a moment before washing away and cleaning

Engineer’s Advice

◇May not be suitable for certain kinds of plastic and rubber. Please avoid contacting with them or conduct in a test first.

◇Do not use for precision electronic instruments

◇To certain equipment has high temperature causing by working, please wait for recovering its room temperature before using this agent.

◇It is recommended to use in an environment with good ventilation in order to avoid inhaling volatile gas.

◇Empty cans must not be burned

◇Compressed air should be carried out drying treatment so that keep away from water.

◇Do keep out of reach of children.

◇When working environment suffers in humid conditions, it is recommended to power off first then clean.

Storage & Transportation/packaging

◇Store in a dry, cool, ventilated warehouse. Avoid rain, sun and weather damage. Avoid heat and fire. Recommended storage temperature of 5~35 DEG C.

◇Apply a tarpaulin cover during transportation in order to prevent direct sunlight.

◇In order to ensure the integrity of the packing and prevent breakages, use an appropriate handling tool.

◇Under normal storage conditions, product has a shelf life of 2 years。


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