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高 度 洁 净  超 凡 表 现


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Product Characteristics

◇This product is a colorless liquid with a composition including anti rust agent, brightening agent, surfactant, chelating agent, Surface protectant and auxiliary.

◇Strong permeability, dispersibility, humidification, emulsification and can remove various of stains which are on the surface of stainless steel quickly.

Scope of Application

◇These surface cleaning products are specifically designed for stainless steel products and can remove rust, surface dirt, welding stain, slight oxide from the work piece, then clean and polish.

Method of Use

◇T This product requires the use of ultrasonic cleaning.

◇Put the concentration of cleaning liquid 5% heating to 40~60℃, after cleaning 3~10 minutes, use pure water or tap water rinse clean and dry.

Engineer’s Advice

◇As this product is an acidic liquid it should be stored in a plastic container. If the liquid accidentally comes into contact with skin or eyes, please immediately rinse with plenty of water.

◇When using this product, please wear rubber gloves and other protective equipment.

Storage & Transportation/packaging

◇This product should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated warehouse away from sun and rain. Suggested storage temperature of 5~35 DEG C

◇Avoid contact with alkali and strong oxidant mixtures

◇When transporting it is advised to use a tarpaulin cover in order to prevent damage from direct sunlight

◇Under normal storage conditions, product shelf life is 1 year.


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