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CW – 400A is a transparent liquid, from degreasing additives, inorganic salt and organic slat water composition.

Does not contain sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide and other strong corrosive ingredients. Also does not contain sodium nitrite, sodium fluoride and chromium ions and other harmful substances.

Less pollutants thus good working environment. No smell, no acid mist.

For the processing of high quality work pieces. Sludge, dirt and rust removed completely, leaves no residual therefore less chance of acid-accelerated corrosion. Works without excessive corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.


Alternative to the traditional acid wash, alkaline cleaning, gasoline and other solvent cleaning.

Applicable to all types of processing tank, and cleaning equipment

Used in electroplating, phosphating, rust-proof surface pretreatment.


Approach: soaking, spraying, scrubbing

Temperature: room temperature ~ 55 ℃

Hand-washing: First wipe with a cloth to impregnated liquid on to any rust, then wrung liquid from impregnated cloth, after re-wipe clean the work-piece and dry before painting.

Engineer Recommendation

Add CW-400A directly accordingly to the process requirements, When the treatment effect obviously declines.

Degrease and remove rust scale from the work-piece then make sure completely dry. A 5% dilution can be used for dry cleaning or dry residue. Also be used with CP-140 at room temperature phosphating supporting the use of passivation agents.

Treated work piece should be thoroughly dried, then complete any other anti-rust coating process.

Regularly turn processing pieces and remove bottom sediment and surface oil.

Note- failure to remove floating particles may leave stain marks on cleaned work piece.

Processing tank preferably stainless steel, reinforced glass fiber with acid-resistant materials such as polyethylene sheet.

This product is acidic based, manual operation required to wear protective gloves


The product should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated coffers, away from heat. Keep out of extreme weather conditions, it is recommended storage temperature of 5 ~ 35 ℃.

Avoid mixing with alkalis and the strong oxidants.

Under normal storage conditions, product shelf-life period of 2 years.

Size: 30kg: 240kg:

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