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Product Characteristics

Low vicosity .

Excellent rust proof function, with the antirust protection period for a work piece from 3 months ~1 years.

Ability to expertly remove metal surface water film whilst forming a layer of rust preventing oil film on the metal surface after dehydration. Protect metal from corrosion.

Prevent corrosion causing fingerprints and eliminates hand sweat on metal surface. bright and traslucent in appearance of powder metallurgy material.

Scope of Application

It also has good applicability to other metals.

Applicable materials: steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and other metal materials and galvanized chrome plating.

Dehydrated anti-rust processing is suitable for various kinds of metal parts, and eliminates fingerprint marks and hand sweat corrosion.

Method of Use

Before using the product for the first time, the water needs to be replaced and an anti-rust test conducted to determine the optimal processing parameters.

Begin metal work piece immersion oil processing. Apply a continuous swing of 0.5-2.0 minutes to ensure cleanliness in groves and bind holes. Shake work piece.

A thin, evenly applied anti-rust coat is formed devoid of bubbles, oil stains etc.

Engineers Advise

Keep far away from fire .

Do not mix water in use; In order to prevent solution form volatilizing covering the bung after use.

In order to avoid oil deterioration, the bottom of the tank should be dried in order to remove collections of water droplets.

To remove this undesirable water the oil tank should be designed into a cone shape with a stop valve placed at the bottom

in order to regularly remove moisture. A metal mesh device should be be placed 100mm form the groove bottom

Do not mix with other brands anti rust products


This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated warehouse and kept away from fire and heat sources. To avoid weather damage. product has a suggested storage temperature of 5~35 DEG C

Under normal storage conditions, the product shelf life is two years

Specifications: 16kg ;160kg

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