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Product Characteristics

◇This series of products includes a functional hard film rust preventive oil, a film forming agent, stabilizing agent, rust conversion agent, anti rust agent, non-toxic compound organic solvent refined, and is the latest technology in modern iron and steel rust.

◇Ideal material for metal parts for of long-term storage with a protection period of up to 2 years.

◇Rapid formation of a transparent rust proof membrane on the metal surface after drying

◇Fast drying, non stick, and good adhesion

◇Convenient coating, strong rust proof capabilities & performance

◇The evenly applied, thin, and transparent film provides a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance for mechanical products

Scope of Application

Widely used in steel structure, steel pipes, containers and antirust.

Method of Use

◇Before applying the coat, ensure all surface dirt and sweat marks have been removed and that the workpiece is completely dry. Once applied, the anti-rust oil will protect the workpiece surface from hand sweat marks and other corrosive residues

◇Depending on technological requirements, dip coating and brush coating are both suitable application methods

◇After applying oil, solvent evaporation, and drying, an evenly applied transparent anti-rust oil layer will be on the surface of the work piece

◇Once work piece is completely dry, use polyethylene film packaging. Try to avoid collision during packaging and storage in order to protect the integrity of the oil film

◇When removing the seal, use oil solvent immersion cleaning for the parts

Engineer’s Advice

◇This product should not be used in the mechanical parts and metal overlap with blind holes and holes on the surface of the parts. Ensure that the surface holes are coated with oil film

◇Not recommended for high temperature, avoid humidity smearing

◇In order to prevent contamination of the solvent, do not mix with water and cover the lid tightly immediately after use

◇Pay attention to the ventilation of the working environment and ensure product is kept away from open flames

◇Do not mix with other brands of anti-rust oil

Storage & Transportation/packaging

◇This product should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated warehouse away from sun and rain. Suggested storage temperature of 5~35 DEG C

◇Under normal storage conditions, product shelf life is 2 years

◇Specification:16kg; 160kg

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