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Product Characteristics

◇CCF-60 is a transparent oily liquid and refined base oil with a composition including anti-wear characteristics, extreme pressure additives, and an oil fog inhibitor

◇This product has an excellent extreme pressure lubricating performance ensuring machining accuracy, a high quality machining surface, and a prolonged service life for the cutting tool

◇Comprehensive anti-rust treatment; work piece requires no further anti-rust treatment

◇Wide adaptability; can be used in cutting, grinding and milling

Application Scope

This product is a metal processing machinery industry oil. Widely used in all kinds of cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel workpiece machining, gear grinding and aluminum alloy workpieces from various machines

Method of Use

◇Put cutting oil into the oil tank, use pump to dispense oil, jet stream the work piece. Cutting or brushing can be used for the cutting surface.

◇When replacing the old oil with new oil, please ensure the oil tank and system is clean with all metal scraps and sludge removed. Avoid mixing old oil with new oil

Engineer's Advice

◇In order to ensure maximum anti rust quality and effectiveness, do not mix the fluid with water or other products

◇Do not mix with other brands of cutting oil

Storage & Transportation/packaging

◇Store in a dry, cool, ventilated warehouse. Avoid rain, sun and weather damage. Recommended storage temperature of 5~35 DEG C.

◇Use suitable handling tools to avoid damage

◇Use a tarpaulin cover when transporting in order to prevent direct sunlight

◇Under normal storage conditions, product has a shelf life of 1 year.

◇Specification: 16Kg or 160Kg

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