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Product Characteristics

◇SR-810IV is transparent to translucent liquid and consists of various of efficient deoiling additives and anti rust agent.

◇This is product has strong permeability qualities ensuring quick cleaning performance.

◇Suitable for cleaning at room temperature and has anti rust effect to work piece surface.

◇No odor, no toxin, no corrosive.

◇This product is diluted by water and has no risk of combustion.

◇Rinse and dry up after cleaning and is convenient to use.

◇This product can be diluted several times according to circumstance of contamination so that maintains your cost be low level.

◇Environmentally friendly; biodegradable.

Scope of Application

◇Can remove vegetable oil, mineral oil and oily attachments.

◇Can clean metal, rubber, plastic, and cement and leaves the surface undamaged and residue free.

Method of Use

◇Cleaning methods include: artificial hand washing, soaking, washing.

◇The dilution ratio: This product can be diluted with a proportion of 1 to 1 for cleaning heavy oil attached on food processing plant. For heat cleaning the effect is more significant. Mechanical equipments and other public facilities, heavy oil can be diluted 1~5 times, lighter oil can be diluted 5~15 times, for general maintenance and cleaning, product can be diluted 15~20 times.

Engineer Advice

◇Use non ferrous metal test selection.

◇Please wear rubber gloves and other protective equipment when using this product.

◇If accidentally splatters into eyes, apply for plenty of water to rinse.


◇Store in a dry, cool, ventilated warehouse. Avoid rain, sun and weather damage. Recommended storage temperature of 5~35 DEG C.

◇Don't mix with strong oxidizing agent.

◇Due to storage condition, although this may result in change of product status, such as becoming stratification and sticking, functional performance can be guaranteed. Ensure fluid is fully mixed in order to ensure it will be consistent and evenly applied.

◇Under normal storage conditions, product has a shelf life of 2 years.


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