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CP-302 is a transparent liquid. Easy to control with PH value and acid

Has excellent environmental protection feature, less waste liquid, easy to handle.

No need to surface, does not need an accelerator for adjustment so has ease of management and control.

Can be used at room temperature, thus provides energy conservation.

Suitable for various brands of painting product. Provides paint film gloss with excellent adhesion properties.

This silane film is an alternative of traditional phosphating film.


Widely used for cold rolled plate, electrogalvanizing zinc plate and aluminum surface treatment, can greatly increase the adhesion performance when using for painting.


Recommended process: No rust pieces or pre-processing of anti-rust coating:

⑴Pre- degreasing → degreasing →rinsing → rinsing → purely rinsing → silane →purely rinsing →purely rinsing→purely rinsing→Electrophoresis

⑵Pre- degreasing → degreasing →rinsing → rinsing → purely rinsing → silane →purely rinsing →purely rinsing→purely rinsing→dry→powder painting

Working solution parameters:

Concentration: 2-4%

processing temperature: room temperature;

Total acidity: 0.5 ~ 1.2 points; PH value:4-5

Approach: spraying, dipping;

processing time: 2 ~ 15min;

Providing customized solution

Engineers Recommendation.

Once using for silane agent, the equipment is not recommended to produce metal, only can be used for PVC or PE.


The product should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated coffers, away from heat. Keep out of extreme weather conditions, it is recommended storage temperature of 5 ~ 35 ℃.

Handle with care in case damaging the package.

Under normal storage conditions, product shelf-life period of 1 year.

Size: 25kg:

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