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How do we choose cutting fluid according to different cutting tool in the metal processing

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 Cutting fluid must be applied to material of work piece and cutting tool. It is to be considered helpfully that technicians summarize knowledge of correct use of cutting fluid according to different cutting tools.

1.Medium speed cutting operation can be used on high speed steel, its cutting rate is about 70m/m. High speed steel contains ferroalloy such as tungsten and chromium, which contents can influence hardness and abrasion resistance of high speed steel. But hardness and abrasion resistance can be affected as the temperature is higher than 600. So we can use cutting fluid to maintain working temperature below 600.

2.Cast alloy is a kind of cobalt-base alloys and non iron. When cast alloy’s temperature is higher than 600, it becomes more harder and has better abrasion performance than high speed steel. High speed cutting operation can be applied to cast alloy, also those alloy which is hard to cut and high temperature cutting operation. Cast alloy can be affected easily as temperature changes, such as the sudden interrupt of cutting operation. Cutting fluid can be applied to cast alloy to maintain continuously cutting operation.

3.Carbide is widely used in metal processing industry and generally called sintered carbides or cemented carbides. It is made from wolfram, titanium, niobium and tantalum carbide powder sintered in the cobalt mould. Different metal carbide ration can be sintered different carbides. Sintered carbide is widely used due to it can be maintained hardness and abrasive resistance when the temperature reaches 1000. Sintered carbide is always made into different cutting tools which can be replaced and stored to meet different needs. There can be another production processing which carbide cutting tool is covered by evaporated titanium film. By this production processing, cutting tool has high hardness and abrasive resistance. Carbide is always used with cutting oil which must be picked carefully due to certain additive can corrode cobalt.

4.Ceramic or diamond cutting tool is consisted of alumina which can maintain hardness and abrasive resistance. As we mentioned, the harder it is, the more fragile it is. So ceramic cutting tool is not suitable for vibration and change of temperature. It is recommended to use cutting oil as an option.

Diamond is the hardest cutting tool and is fragile. It can be applied to processing aluminum which contains silicon particle that wears carbide cutting tool. It also can be applied to processing nonferrous materials, such as stones and cements. Diamond doesn’t apply to certain alloy which is difficult to process due to diamond being oxidized at high temperature. It is always be used in grinding as its hardness.

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