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Tarrant biological free cleaning rust oil for special applications in the automotive industry

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  In the economically developed Pearl River Delta region beautiful, settled a number of related and associated car manufacturers. Which the Japanese car firms and related enterprises. Most of the material used in the production of such enterprises to black metal, the products range and scattered production, from processing to assemble a longer period, due to the rainy season, the Guangdong region of the longer, year-round temperature and humidity is relatively high, processed The metal parts will rust, rust-proof and therefore became an indispensable part of the work. In order to prevent the metal parts to rust, the conventional method is to use anti-rust coating rust oil, or more spray painted anti-rust water. Practice has proved that the water is easy to loss rust coating, and thus have a sufficient concentration and a certain degree of mobility, and often need to be spray painted, in order to play its good protective effect. And although better anti-rust oil rust-proof effect, while in the latter parts of the assembled combination you need to antirust oil clean work surface, increasing the production processes and costs. For some parts to work long hours in a high temperature environment, anti-rust oil to high temperatures and volatile energy requirements are higher, such as cylinder liners, pistons, engine exhaust system and other parts of the working environment temperature is high, the assembly process more , such as a large number of surface residual oil rust fluid will seriously affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the assembly. In a highly pursuit of lean production management efficiency, how to simplify the production process and the cost of parts to the assembly line has been a hot topic in the industry. The Tarrant Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. developed the no-clean anti-rust oil a good solution to this difficult problem.

  Tarrant Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is a metal processing material always based joint venture company, R & D strength, product covers the metal processing lubrication cooling series, rust-proof series, cleaning series, metal surface treatment series, water treatment and equipment maintenance products six series. Among the top ten in the industry, and its customer service support system throughout the country. Wherein the metal processing lubrication cooling series, anti-rust and cleaning series of high technological content, in aerospace, military and major civil enterprises widely used.

  In the main support to the Honda plant, for example, to introduce free cleaning rust oil company Tarrant How to effectively solve difficult problems in the automotive industry parts rustproof.

  Guangdong Province three Japanese car prices in the Honda series engine exhaust system is a main supporting business of Japanese foreign companies settled in Foshan (Foshan City Auto Parts Co., rich, * Note; try not to write the body of the customer in full). July 2002 from Japan Giken Co., HSBC and MOONSTONE HOLDING LIMITED according to equity ratio of 65:35 joint construction and operation. Main operating project of the exhaust pipe, muffler and three filter manufacturing-related products, sales. The enterprises in the pre-production, its main products automotive exhaust pipes and mufflers rust product is the choice of a certain brand of Japanese origin in an aqueous liquid rust rust treatment done, but in the muffler and exhaust pipe flange wire hole occurs frequently anti-rust problem, rust is not ideal. And products in the tightness test, adding an aqueous liquid rust test sink easily turbid, increasing the difficulty of detection affect the test results. To solve this problem, companies switching to another Japanese brand of anti-rust oil rust treatment for products that do, the use of the anti-rust oil rust played a very good effect, but after that you need to send the product assembly station test, mufflers and exhaust pipes are working in Taiwan prosecutors in high-temperature environments, while adhering to the products produce large amounts of anti-rust oil with a pungent odor of smoke after experiencing high temperatures, seriously affected the production workshop environment and shop floor operations the health of employees. Looking to meet a business requirement and environmentally-friendly anti-rust, and can simplify the production process to reduce the cost of the company rust material is a major problem, but also the difficulties often encountered in the automotive industry.

  Tarrant Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. in the industry learn of such problems, organized a crack research team to do a special research and development, a FPC-630CII free cleaning rust oil was born. Which free cleaning rust oil for a wide range of low viscosity, rust-proof function, the workpiece can be achieved after treatment rust 3-12 months. Widely used in machinery products to be assembled directly with oil, spare parts, hardware tools, automobile parts and other long-term rust. The metal surface can quickly form a thin uniform protective film can be directly fitted with oil, and without washing. And its share of smaller, lower cost. Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Tarrant research team in the auto parts business with technology, the production sector, the FPC-630CII free cleaning rust oil Honda headquarters in Japan to send the product made ROHS and so the whole performance testing, full compliance with the Standard demanding standards of Japanese companies. 2010 FPC-630CII free cleaning rust oil began to try to use in the auto parts business. FPC-630CII free cleaning rust oil for rust protection not only to meet the business requirements, but also because of the no-clean anti-rust oil products in the surface can quickly form a thin uniform protective film, so that the workpiece measured after the completion of the assembly process in Taiwan has withstood the test of high temperature working environment, optimize the enterprise production environment, but also because with a free cleaning function so that the workpiece can not wash treatment with oil assembly, reducing the production and assembly processes also reduce the production costs, and therefore FPC- 630CII now been a large number of widely used in the automotive industry and its supporting businesses.

  FPC-630CII free cleaning rust oil products over the years has withstood the harsh environment of Guangdong damp test, also withstood including major foreign car firms stringent standards of Japanese, European and American test, FPC-630CII products so far in the industry to provide for the major companies of the excellent anti-rust products solutions, and also developed according to the needs of business users FPC-600 subdural anti-rust oil products, which provide more than up to 2 years of rust-proof cycle.

  To provide users with reliable quality and stable performance of the product is the fundamental survival of enterprises, and have the ability to offer differentiated products and solutions for the enterprise is the strong industry demand for different customers. Tarrant Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of metal processing materials, more excellent, more professional, more carefully the concept of service joint venture will bring unique products and service experience, and Tarrant biological engineering shares Ltd. is the industry leader and strong.

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