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2015 internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry development seminar

Number of visits: Date:2015年12月15日 17:47

  To further promote the development of the internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry, the implementation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "the internal combustion engine remanufacturing promotion plan" the goals and tasks, November 3, 2015, in Beijing, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association organized the seminar on the development of remanufacturing industry in 2015. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department, CCID Institute responsible comrades, from the automotive, engineering, agricultural machinery, ships and other relevant industry associations, remanufacturing related businesses, universities and research institutes and other units on behalf of more than 100 people attended the meeting.

  Meetings around the implementation of the "internal combustion engine remanufacturing promotion plan" for the exchange, the experts introduced the internal combustion engine of industrial energy conservation situation, remanufacturing platform construction, engineering machinery remanufacturing progress, remanufacturing green wash clean, remanufacturing reverse logistics system, and then manufacturing patent analysis and practical experience remanufacturing business.

  GE internal combustion engine association deputy secretary-general to do an internal combustion engine remanufacturing progress and development planning reports and highlights in the first half investigated Tarrant visited more than 50 enterprises and other relevant circumstances.

  Tarrant also invited to attend the General Assembly, and the internal combustion engine association leaders and conducted in-depth communication, not only during the participants understand the future trends remanufacturing enterprises, but also timely to understand and to collect the current with the industry in some cases and information for the future development of the company laid the foundation.

The picture shows the sum of the ginger market operations center delegates posed for pictures

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