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Tarrant and wind power counterparts, to meet future opportunities and challenges

Number of visits: Date:2015年12月15日 17:45

  After the first session of the Chinese wind power market Seminar & rdquo; successfully held, we have been highly concerned about the industry and caused a strong reaction. In order to continue to explore further the market presence of the AC wind power problems and solutions to the industry to build a communication platform to promote the development of the market after the brainstorming, the Wind Energy Association on 7-9 September 2015 held in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia & ldquo; second Chinese wind power market after the session seminar & rdquo ;.



September 8 morning, meeting the main venue was packed, a total of 380 representatives attended the meeting.



  Tarrant Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. invited to send representatives to participate in the industry's premier event, and with all walks of life have been intensive discussions and exchanges. As an important industry chain in a ring, I Division in the cleaned areas of wind farm maintenance, carried out R & D and test a range of products, including water-based cleaning agent and solvent cleaning agents behave in different parts of the wind turbine maintenance cleaning an excellent performance, won the praise of people in the industry.



Our market operations center operations manager Wang Tingting and wind power association leadership group photo.


Meeting, a number of speakers and delegates share market after the operation and maintenance management experience, presented a variety of ideas and suggestions to help the wind power market after increasingly mature contribution to a force. Pictured Goldwind chairman and chief marketing officer, Assistant Group HOU Yu Han do for the future of digital explain the operation and maintenance of wind power.

The figure is established by the Conference of the & ldquo; China Wind Industry Outstanding Contribution Award & rdquo; awarding pomp, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association chairman Yang Xiaosheng wind power equipment branch and the China Renewable Energy Society Industry Committee Zhu Junsheng, director of industry awards for the winning predecessors made.




  Further integration of the development of the market after this session, the expansion of the research scope, invite more industry experts and senior people, and organized a dialogue session high, more market operation and maintenance after first-line managers and participants will after market development status and future trends unfold more useful discussion.
  As a participant in the meeting, we deeply felt the people's expectations for the wind power industry and eagerly looked forward to, we have reason to believe that China's wind power industry will be more fast forward.

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