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Network Honesty-Talent works with Baidu to build enterprise honesty platform

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As the time goes, internet has been entering our daily life completely. Any industry could benefit from Internet Plus. In order to build a safe and healthy internet in the virtual world which can service society and public, we should make network honesty as our first priority.

We promise people for proving us as a real, reliable and believable company, Talent is invited by Baidu search engine to conduct enterprise credit certification. At last, Talent has been audited in accordance with the requirements from Baidu and will take effect from July 2016.

After typing“泰伦特生物工程股份有限公司”at the first page of Baidu search engine, it will show as below:

This information shows that Talent has passed the certification. For further information, please click“查看档案详情”.

Internet users can easily find blue Chinese characters“官网”next to our red LOGO. In that case, it can help us to avoid buying fake.

Honesty is Chinese traditional virtue, also a basic rule for people to get along with each other and is an indispensible factor in the virtual world. Network honesty is a guard for the internet world and keeps us away from dishonesty as long as we hold honesty as our weapon.

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