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2015 Talent safety and quality knowledge contest

Number of visits: Date:2015-12-15 10:05:03

On December 7th 2015 Talent held  "safety and quality knowledge contest" which is expected to popularize safety in production knowledge and strenghthen the effect of safety in production education so that make every staff realize the importance of safety in production.

The wet and cold weather doesn't influence the enthusiasm of every participant.

The contest was consisted of quiz, sharing experiences, speech,lucky draw and show which are all arranged in first and second half. This contest was well-organized which showed the serious attitude of organizer and participants.

Quality Quiz Quality Quiz
Speech Luck draw
a song-and-dance duet General Manager Ma issued prizes and made a final speech.


It is no doubt this contest could help staff realize the importance of safety in production. People not only keep awareness of safety in production in mind for every minutes, but also carry them out. 

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