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Feature of anti-bacterial agent contained in the metal processing fluid

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Water based metal processing fluid(emulsion and synthetic fluid) is widely used in the metal processing industry whose advantages are good cooling and cleaning performance, low costs and disadvantages are easy to deteriorate, short shelf life. The reproducing of bacteria and fungus in the water result in deteriorating easily. The reproducing of microorganism destroys the stability of emulsion, influences the performance of emulsion and also makes fall of PH value consequently results in corrosion. It may cause unpleasant smell, irritation to skin and allergy thus to be bad for operators’ healthy. Adding antibacterial agent in the water based metal processing fluid can avoid deteriorating and prolong service life. Antibacterial agent which can be classified in dozens of kinds is widely used in water based metal processing fluid in foreign countries. On the contrary, it is not so widely used domestically that the processing fluid has only one week service life. Although many kinds of antibacterial agents has been applied to some other fields, most of them couldn’t applied to processing fluid.

Characteristics of antibacterial agent for processing fluid:

(1)Low toxic

(2)Maintain antibacterial performance for long period and has stability

(3)Has good restraining performance to bacteria and epiphyte

(4)Has good chemical and physical compatibility with processing fluid

(5)Reasonable cost

How to maintain metal processing fluid:

1.Used by the guideline which concentration set by manufacture

2.Ensure the inspector check up the concentration and PH value every day

3.When the machine stops operating, keep cycling the metal processing fluid for thirty more minutes

4.Ensure to clean up the oil slick on the surface of the processing fluid in the machine tool cooling system in a timely manner

5.Ensure to clean up residues in the machine tool in a timely manner in case of getting into water tank

Due to the importance of the metal processing fluid, components of machine, cutting tool and work piece can be well-protected by using metal processing fluid correctly. A qualified metal processing fluid can protect personnel from harm, have perfect anti rust performance, prolong the anti rust preventive period, protect machine tool and prolong the service life of cutting tool.  

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