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Influences that grinding fluid has on bear grinding process

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The application of grinding fluid has important influences on bearing grinding process as we know grinding fluid has cooling, lubricating and cleaning performances, its technology indicators have viscosity, settle ability, anti rust and cleaning indexes. Correct application of grinding fluid has close connecting with bearing grinding, ex-circle grinding, groove raceway grinding and inner hole grinding. This article will analyze how grinding fluid influences each grinding processing.

1.Should grinding fluid influence double ended grinding and ex-circle grinding.

Settle ability and cleaning property of grinding fluid are two important indicators in the double ended grinding and ex-circle grinding. In the double ended grinding, ferrule’s cycle time is short, and consistency must be guaranteed. Cutting fluid produced by Talent has been used for many years and proved to be able to reduce the risk which dusts left on the grindstone can affect and interrupt processing. Having good cleaning and settle ability performance, it is recommended to use CCF-01A produced by Talent to avoid dusts attached on the grindstone.

Indicator of surface roughness is also an important factor in the ex-circle and double surface grinding. As to choosing grinding fluid, after many years’ cooperating with CSC Bearing and by conducted lots of experiments, it shows CCF-01A can help to improve grinding efficiency.

2.Raceway grinding

Grinding processing efficiency and quality can be influenced by choosing proper grinding fluid. In the current grinding processing, the way of raceway grinding is cut-in grinding, and the most difficult problem in the raceway grinding is grinding burns which can be divided into tempering burns, quenching burns and annealing burns. Lubricating performance of grinding fluid has very closing connection with grinding burns. CCF-01A synthetic grinding fluid is composed by high performance synthetic lubricating agent, extreme pressure additive, anti rust agent and other chemical accessories. CCF-01A has good thermal stability and lubricating. Its processing requires RA: 0.4 to surface roughness of ring raceway in the bearing grinding processing. High oil content may affect ring raceway roughness to little which we try to avoid happening in the grinding processing due to if the roughness is little, it may cause blocking of oil stone air hole in the following super finish machining process. And in the super finish machining process, oil stone can work to machine the work piece by its self-sharpening. The surface roughness of work piece is too little to be self-sharpening.

3.Grinding fluid’s influence among the grinding processing.

It requires grinding fluid has anti rust performance which is key indicator of choosing a grinding fluid among the grinding processing. It is recommended the concentration of grinding fluid can be adjusted according to different seasons and regions. Strong anti rust performance of CCF-01A synthetic grinding fluid can meet anti rust needs in the different seasons.

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