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Five main factors affecting cutting temperature

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1. Effect of cutting parameters for cutting temperature
  (1) Cutting speed
Cutting speed has a significant influence on the cutting temperature. Experiments show that, with the increase in cutting speed, cutting temperature will be significantly increased. The reason for this is as follows: on the one hand to improve the cutting speed metal removal per unit time is proportional to the amount of the increase, the consumption of power increases, cutting heat will increase; the other hand, the friction heat conduction too late to the chip inside, a large accumulation of swarf bottom, so that the cutting off temperature rise. But with the increase in cutting speed, force and unit cutting power unit has been reduced, so the cutting heat is not proportional with the increase in cutting speed.

  (2) feed rate
  Feed rate also has some influence on the cutting temperature. Feed the greater the amount of metal removed per unit time in the more cutting heat also with the increase, the cutting temperature rise. On the other hand, the unit cutting force and cutting power unit with the feed rate decreases, so the heat generated by removal of metal per unit volume decreases. In addition, the feed increase in volume and thickens ambassador chips, increase the heat capacity of the chip by chip away heat also increased, so the rise in the average temperature of the cutting area less significant. Therefore, increasing the feed rate, the cutting heat generated by the metal removal does not increase proportionally.

  (3) the amount of back knife
  Knife back to eat the amount of cutting temperature has little effect. Because the knife back to eat after increasing the amount of heat generated in the cutting area, although proportionally increased, but the work is also directly proportional to the length of the cutting edge of growth, improve the cooling conditions, so the cutting temperature increases is not obvious.
We can see from the above law, in order to effectively control the cutting temperature in order to improve life in the machine conditions permit, use a large knife to eat the amount of back and feed a large selection of cutting speed than favorable.

2. Effects of geometric parameters on the cutting temperature
  Effect of (1) the rake angle of the cutting temperature
Cutting rake angle affect the process of deformation and friction, so it cutting temperature have a significant effect. Within a certain range to increase the rake angle, cutting heat reduction, cutting temperature decreases. But the rake angle increases, the heat volume decreases' cutting temperature will not be further reduced. Temperature before cutting angle of 10 ° as a reference when cutting rake angle under different temperatures for different ratios.

  (2) Effect of temperature on the cutting edge angle
  With the main angle increases, the cutting temperature will gradually rise. This is due to the main angle increased, shortening the working length of the cutting edge, so that the relative concentration of cutting heat, and the main angle to increase, so the knife sharp decreases, the cooling conditions deteriorate, cutting temperature. Conversely, if appropriate to reduced entry angle, so that the knife sharp increase, the working length of the cutting edge will be extended, and then cooling conditions have been improved, so the cutting temperature decreases.
  Negative chamfer and the corner radius has little effect on the cutting temperature, only the tip at improving local cooling favorable.

  3. The workpiece machining material impact on the cutting temperature
  Hardness and higher strength materials processing, cutting power consumed by the more cutting heat attendant and more. The thermal conductivity of materials processing smaller heat worse, cutting temperature is higher. Brittle metal tensile strength and elongation are small, plastic deformation in the cutting area is very small, mostly chipping chip shape, friction with the rake face is small, so the cutting heat generated is small, cutting temperature is generally cutting steel is lower than expected. Turning with carbide cutting temperature YG8 gray cast iron HT200 when 20% to 30% lower than the cutting of 45 steel.

  4. Effect of wear on the cutting temperature? Worn cutting edge becomes dull, squeezing the front edge area increases, the plastic deformation of the metal cutting area is increased. Meanwhile, flank friction increase, all the cutting heat increases. So, wear is an important factor affecting the cutting temperature.

  5. The impact of metal cutting oil for cutting temperature
Metal cutting oil through its lubricating performance and cooling performance, reduce the cutting temperature effect is enormous.

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