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Promote exchanges and seek consensus - Tarrant and wind before the line hand in hand

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  Since 2014, China's wind power installed capacity not only to maintain a high growth rate, and more emphasis on coordination and planning, more attention to the economic and social benefits, which is China's wind energy industry is a sign of maturity.

  Seize the opportunity to put ads on Tarrant, effectively close communication with Wind Energy Association, and lose no time in the wind the main wind energy industry magazine publication, to further expand the company's brand and product promotion.

Pictured on the wind energy industry 2015.08, Tarrant to cleaning products as the theme, targeted ads.
Pictured on the wind energy industry magazine 2015.09, Tarrant cutting fluid to the theme targeted ads.

  Challenges, opportunities, hand in hand, win, Tarrant will be more new look, meet the wind power more brilliant future.

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