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2015 National Work Conference held bearing market

Number of visits: Date:2015-12-15 17:46:06

  The second session of the first meeting of the Association of Chinese bearing market working committee on September 22 --23 held a grand hotel in the peaceful village, more than 100 delegates from across the country bearing and parts manufacturing companies attended the meeting.

  The meeting noted that the future work of thinking, is to adhere to the principle of character work: joint, coordinated, integrity and service; efforts to achieve the objectives set by leaders: integrity standards, information sharing, innovation, and win-win, optimization services; efforts to build six platforms: exchange of learning platform, certification registration platform, messaging platforms, anti-anti-monopoly platform promotion, product technology exchange platform, working platform counterfeiting, safeguard the fundamental interests of the respective companies. Hope that all members of the second session of the working committee, after working closely with Kazakhstan axis, the joint efforts of the principles and objectives from simple to complex, the construction of six platforms gradually enriched content, and strive in the shortest possible time, more scientific, more perfect path planning well implemented under the leadership of China Association of the shaft, step by step to the work carried out together a solid, accomplish the mission objectives established.

  All the delegates carried out extensive exchanges and discussions on the Chinese bearing industry market situation and development trend, the preparation of Chinese bearing industry thirteen five-year plan, conduct e-commerce, as well as to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and other aspects of the formation of a a lot of consensus.
  Tarrant was invited to attend the event, with many bearing processing enterprises meet old friends, met new friends, some of the current process recognized proven solutions to share with you, a number of enterprises are invited to our technical engineers will later Go to provide technical support.

Tarrant market operations center operations manager Wang Tingting, mengxianpu delegates photo.

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