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Environmental there you was wonderful - TEDA Low Carbon Water Treatment and Recycling Utilization Technology Seminar

Number of visits: Date:2015-12-15 17:45:36

  September 9, TEDA Low Carbon Centre tenth salon, water treatment and recycling utilization of environmental technology exchange will be held in the beautiful coastal. I, as a special guest at the meeting made a wonderful speech about open recirculating water special stabilizer.

Lee doing our work open recirculating water wonderful explanation Tianjin Physical and Chemical Analysis Center, do the effluent discharge standards and test report
One hundred million liters of Science and Technology to do high-speed maglev ion blower report Public Road biological enzyme system on photochemical reactions do
Tianjin Hai Puer Membrane Technology do tubular membrane technology, cutting fluid processing technology report iang total market operations center to communicate with customers

Zhao workers and customers to discuss issues

  The salon, so that we understand the current applications of new technology and auxiliary equipment related environmental water treatment, but also to companies who provide a platform for mutual learning and exchange.

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