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Sharing and win-win cooperation. The situation.

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On April 21, 2018 (2nd) Metal Processing Fluid Technology Summit Forum attended by Quick, Haofuton, Luminous, Master, Derubao, Bohr, Linuo, Intelo, Lifestyle Chemistry, Nantong Kexing, Huntsman, Buckm

On April 21, 2018 (2nd) Metal Processing Fluid Technology Summit Forum attended by Quick, Haofuton, Luminous, Master, Derubao, Bohr, Linuo, Intelo, Lifestyle Chemistry, Nantong Kexing, Huntsman, Buckman, Langsheng, Anshan Steel Group, Shanghai Taijin, Dalian Liansheng, Zhejiang Shimei, Wuxi Gao Runjie More than 40 delegates from Dongguan Zhigao, Nanjing Xinhua Yuan, Lvpu Chemicals, Longsha China, Chongqing Xinren, Jiangsu Kemi New Materials, Wuhan Xindi, Nanjing Yisheng, Dober, MOTOREX, SGS and so on were invited to visit and inspect the Tyrant Bioengineering Co., Ltd. to create a new industry of openness, sharing and win-win cooperation. The situation.